• Fabio Valenziano


We are in the midst of an unprecedented emergency, which has upset the whole world, many compare it to a war, but this is not the case, it is something else both in terms of economic impact and in social, emotional and human terms. The world will never be the same again, but there could be a great opportunity for a better world. The emergency COVID-19 has shown us the great fragility of the capitalist system, all focused solely and exclusively on the search for profit at all costs which, in the name of completely abstract parameters, has generated distortions that today seem increasingly evident to us. and to which we are all used to accepting them as immutable rules. We are obsessed with GDP and its relationship with debt and deficit, with the various stability pacts, and consequently we cut what is no longer considered "indispensable", that is, the social status, aid to the weaker sections, school , and above all healthcare, with senseless choices such as the cutting of places in intensive care, or the absurd regionalization of a national health system, all aimed exclusively at repaying the interests of public debt to finance, contracted now by choices of at least two generations ago, and of which today we all pay the consequences. But Italy as always in emergencies shows the best of itself and with the great effort of extraordinary men and professionals it has become the example of an unprecedented crisis management, and all Italians, despite often being portrayed as anarchists and impatient to the rules, they are setting an example of great discipline and enormous human warmth despite the forced confinement in their homes. But precisely this forced confinement, this forced slowdown must make us all reflect on the mistakes made to date and what are the priorities to follow for the future. Today, that we find ourselves forcibly stuck in our homes, we have more time to think and observe what is around us, and so we realize that the world in its frenetic race can no longer go on as it has gone to today ; those who have not witnessed the rebirth of the nature that surrounds us, which thanks to spring and the closure of the activities and the stop of the cars, gave us beautiful images, clear skies as they never were, wild animals returning to the city, rivers and clear canals? and we ask ourselves: "But why can't this be normal?" "But why do we have to destroy the planet and consequently destroy ourselves?" The answer is simple, for greed and profit. The same goes for all the social and economic health emergencies that we unfortunately witness on a daily basis, and we ask ourselves: "But why have we closed so many hospitals and reduced ICU places by 30% in recent years?", "Why the social status is it disappearing more and more? ", the answer is only one, simply because we are trapped in a system of fiscal and budgetary policies all focused mainly on making our public debt sustainable, to therefore protect only the finance that holds ours titles, and not Italians, not ordinary people. In practice today we all live in a world whose rules are dictated by finance and are functional only to the protection of their interests, and meanwhile what does not generate profit is closed ... such as public hospitals, schools etc. But anyway since I am an incurable optimist I like to think that the world will be a better world after the emergency, because we will all understand, in a transversal way, that that the fiscal policies that we have undertaken so far cannot continue to function, which this Europe that thinks only of public finances can no longer forget the role and the reason why it was born, and that the values ​​of solidarity between states and people are recovered, that finally there are massive investments for the revitalization of the economy and businesses both at national and European level and we focus on the need for a unitary health system on which to invest without indiscriminate cuts. Finally, but perhaps the most important thing, that states and people give greater attention to the quality of life, with environmentally sustainable policies such as smart working and sustainable mobility, which finally transform our cities into those SmartCities where you can breathe clean air and walking in the greenery. In short, it will be a better world if we know how to treasure what nature is teaching us.


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