• Fabio Valenziano


Data on tourism growth in Naples and the regions of southern Italy confirm a steady positive trend in recent years. Figures like 30% more arrivals in Capodichino's Naples Airport or 90% of the average occupancy rate of Naples hotel rooms are evidence of a growth that has consolidated in recent years and is already attracting many investments Italian and foreign. Faced with the increase in world-wide tourism and the geopolitical difficulties of the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean, given that southern Italy still has underdeveloped tourist exploitation compared to its potential, growth-growing businesses in this area should bear in mind. The great opportunities offered by the Italian Mezzogiorno also thanks to the national and European regional incentives. #napoli #hotels #southitaly #capodichino #napoliaeroporto #naples  #southitaly #italy #business #tourism #hotels #investor  

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SUD ITALIA grande opportunità per le imprese turistiche.

I dati della crescita del turismo a Napoli e nelle regioni del Sud Italia confermano un trend costantemente positivo negli ultimi anni. Cifre come il 30% di arrivi in più nell'aeroporto partenopeo di