• Fabio Valenziano


I believe that Brexit will never happen, the British have underestimated the economic legal complexity of this operation and with great superficiality they are on a really difficult and complicated road. Modifying all the integrated rules between the European Union and individual states is a work that will take many years and will have many legal consequences in every area (acquired rights, immigration, commercial law, etc.) and the shortage of a large majority government will certainly block all The various operations. A final analysis, I do not think it is right that with a referendum called in this way one can decide on the fate of a country and its young people, in the face of unfounded fears and misguided information, the European Union will certainly have many problems and can be improved, but Let us not forget that this is the longest period of peace that exists in Europe from the time of the ancient Romans, and for this very reason we should all be proud to be part of it! #Brexit #EU #unioneeuropea #europeanunion #greatbritain #europa #stopbrexit #peace #wereuropean #fabiovalenziano

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